Thermo imaging is a way of picture making to show surface temperature of depicted objects.
Every solid state emits certain characteristic spectre of infrared EM waves that differs depending on temperature. With the knowledge of physical background and using hi tech modern equipment it is possible to trace down hot (or cold) spots on the surface of tested objects and point out the problematic areas. With good combination of other method and equipment (like blower door fan and airtight tests of building) it is also possible to trace down many different existing problems (even well hidden) in subjected building and improve its thermal characteristic relatively cheap way.

Thermo imaging is not a legally obliged process or treatment however it can benefit you in many different areas.
  • in buildings - thermo images of external walls in a simple way shows the points where something is not right. It may be thermal bridge in insulation envelope of your home (linear bridges and point bridges),
  • in rooms - it shows the walls and areas “under heated” where condensation or moss can occur causing long term damages to walls and plasters. Too cold corners in the rooms in the house can be harmful to the health of the habitants and basically decreases overall feeling of comfort of living in the house,
  • in electrical appliances and wired systems - (fuse boxes and even machinery and production lines and areas) it shows problematic places where attention is needed to avoid damages
  • around heating appliances - thermo images show how the heat is distributed around source of heat (like solid fuel stoves) and tell you about potential fire hazards or need of change of heat distribution systems,
  • thermo images are helpful way to trace down water leakages hidden in structures too (like detecting leaks of underfloor heating systems etc.)
In every of these aspects above thermo imaging is a way of cutting costs of upgrade or avoiding damage removal costs and pays back to the customer every time problem involving heat is encountered.

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