Air Tight tests are performed to expose condition of building envelope of tested house.
Properly conducted test should expose many calculated values of air leakages through envelope, as well as show directly places and areas where building is not seal. Combined with usage of other pieces of equipment like thermo camera test is able to maximise effects of any action taken to improve comfort of life in the building tested.

Some buildings are legally obliged to be tested (like Passiv Houses or energy efficient houses)  to obtain certificate of its energy rating (50 pascal norm IS EN 13829) but all other building can benefit of this procedure too. Readings of such test can be improving supplement to BER of the house regardless how old building is. It is a proof of good (or bad) quality of workmanship delivered by the builder on the stage of erecting the building (including all eventual degradation over time in case of really old buildings).
What are benefits of testing a dwelling for airtightness?
  • You obtain BER validating document that shows if BER is theoretical calculation only or if it has proven practical background,
  • You can see where building envelope has leakages. That guides You where concentrate effort to maximise effect of repair when budget is limited,
  • You get picture where your building loses the heat. This is very important information where to look at for improvements stopping this to happen. It will result very fast with significant heating cost reduction.

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